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Game Tracking

Namibia is very successful with conservation of fauna and flora; hence wildlife can be experienced in many ways, the most exciting being on foot tracking the bigger species. Most lodges operate on private land or concessions and thus offer on foot experiences guided by professionals. Rhino, Elephants and many more can be seen on foot, being it in the arid Namib or Dammaraland regions or in the Caprivi along the many rivers.

Tracking on foot is potentially dangerous and thus guides employed to lead such expeditions are highly trained and organizations providing such activities must adhere to strict regulations. This is an experience for those who want to walk and do some of their game viewing on foot. Being on foot and following the tracks and sign of a larger specie can be really exciting as well as superbly rewarding if you can find the animal you have been following. This experience is more intense and slower paced than viewing from a vehicle - you get time to enjoy an environment free of vehicle noise while the flora and small fauna - pointed out by the tracking team - help point you in the direction of bigger game. If you want to tick off the 'big five' and see large herds of animals then this is not the activity for you.

A normal schedule at for tracking will be a dawn wake up call with coffee/tea - meet at the dinning area for a light breakfast and then head off with the safari guides and trackers when the sun is up looking for the ever evasive specie of the day and smaller ones keeping you company on your route - have a picnic brunch and return to camp for an afternoon siesta - set off after tea for an afternoon walk and game drive. This routine gets you into the bush when the game is active and keeps you out of the bush in the heat of the day when the game is lounging in the shade.

Shark Angling

Shark angling is fast becoming a popular sport along the Namibian beaches. Namibia is one of the few countries in the world following a national action plan for the conservation of shark species. No shark may be taken for trophy, or be left on the beach. All sharks should be returned live to the sea. It is for this reason that intending shark anglers are advised to contact a registered angling tour guide who will supply the appropriate equipment and bait whilst ensuring the best possible adventure for the experienced or novice angler.


For the enthusiastic birder to Namibia, the vast variety of both resident and migratory birds can only be exciting. Most bird species favour specific habitats above others and thus Namibia is blessed with a variety of birding destinations where the keen twitcher can satisfy their interests by sighting and recording new species. Some species are sighted more regularly when water and  food sources are not in abundance; however some locations like Etosha are much more viable for birding during the rainy season than that of game viewing.

Stable water sources during the early months of summer are always a good choice for a serious day of birding. Birding is popular all over Namibia even among locals, thus be comforted that it is an activity available across the country. Some major birding locations include the following, Etosha National Park, Waterberg Plateau, the Caprivi and northern river systems, as well as the coast, with spots like Sandwich Harbour and Walvis Bay lagoon. The Namib Desert offer great opportunities for sighting rare endemics like the Herero Chat and Dune Lark.


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Although one of Africa’s newest countries politically, Namibia is one of the oldest countries in geological terms, and has some of the world’s most spectacular features

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