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Sky Diving

Namibia's premiere drop zone is located just outside the coastal town of Swakopmund.  The scenery viewed whilst floating peacefully under an inflated parachute is simply breath-taking.  Some Skydiving Clubs have been operating since 1980, and carry on a long tradition of high quality skydiving, training and fun that has always been associated with the coastal town. There are two skydiving clubs in Swakopmund that offer a professional training service. If you are already a skydiver you can arrange a scheduled jump and if you are a novice there are two options available. You can complete a one day training course that will qualify you for a static line jump on the same day. (Jumping with a static line means that when you jump, you are tied to the aeroplane with a special cord that automatically opens your parachute). Or you can do a much shorter course and complete a tandem, freefall jump. A tandem jump means that you are physically strapped to a qualified instructor. You jump out the plane together, freefall for 30 seconds or so and the instructor does all the hard stuff, like making sure your parachute opens.


Quadbiking have become one of the more popular day activities in Namibia, many lodges around the country offers quadbike outings to view game and scenery, however the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay has become the adventure mega of the country and quadbiking fuetures prominently.This is one of the best ways to access parts of the sand dunes that even 4x4's can't reach. There is a bit of controversy over the use of bikes in the sand dunes as it poses a threat to some of the rare animal species and plant life that make the sand dunes their homes. However, the legitimate companies that make quadbiking in the dunes an adventure experience also make conserving their environment a priority.

They have set out a route that goes for about 35km in an area that's great to practice your wheelies on but causes little damage. There are two types of bikes you can choose from. For those who are a little unsure of their motorbiking skills there are semi automatic bikes, while for those who wish to go hell for leather and have some idea of what they are doing there are manual quad bikes. These operators offer great value for money, including transport, equipment, a bit of training and even throw in a drink or two.

Safaris around Namibia which visit the two towns generally have time for you to enjoy the quadbiking, and the activity can easily be included into your self drive safari around Namibia.


Paragliding in Namibia is usually done with a guide that knows the conditions and flying sites in Namibia. Namibia can be a very hostile environment to fly in if you are not familiar with the conditions and it is strongly advised not to try this on your own steam. Activity operators offer experienced guides and instructors to help you make your dream holiday a safe and very enjoyable one. Namibia has some of the most spectacular flying sites in the world and for those who have experienced flying in Namibia will be the first to tell you this. It is a dream experience.

Dune & Sanboarding

The Namib Desert, the oldest in the world, is reputed to house some of the largest sand dunes on this planet. Come conquer these constantly shifting and powerfully towering beauties by zooming down the sheer slip faces on a traditional Swakopmund sandboard or carve up the dune with style and skill on a snowboard adapted for sand. Lie down boarding: Catch your breath and gasp at the slope as you lie face down, dangling over the edge of the slip face, before being pushed off the edge and sent on your way down the curving rolling, sandy slopes. Beginning on training rides, Little Nellie and Brigit, we master the basics. With confidence under the belt, we then wind our way around the dune to the terrible twins, Lizzie and Dizzie, where a heart stopping 80kph can be reached!!! Ease off the dune towards the beer on the Gentle Valley. An unsurpassed adrenalin buzz! Highly recommended for snowboarders, surfers and even the inexperienced boarder. Top range equipment and excellent instruction make this activity a must do for the determined adventurer.
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Although one of Africa’s newest countries politically, Namibia is one of the oldest countries in geological terms, and has some of the world’s most spectacular features

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