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Planning and preparation for Climbing Mount kilimanjaro

Want to climb Mount kilimanjaro but don’t know where to begin? This FAQ section will help you to take those first steps on the path to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain

1) When to climb Mount kilimanjaro

The main trekking seasons on kilimanjaro correspond with the mountain’s two dry seasons. January to March and June to October.

2) Fitness for kilimanjaro

There is no need to go overboard with fitness preparations for climbing Mount kilimanjaro. That said that more fitter you are the more enjoyable your trek up kilimanjaro. A weekend of walking would be a good thing to do which will ensure that you can walk for few hours at a time

3) Packing for kilimanjaro

Travel light as most of your luggage is carried by porters on the mountain. It is important that you bring along only essential items that you will need with you during the day.

4) Other equipements for kilimanjaro

We will provide you with porters to carry your luggage, tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipments, cutlery and crockery. In other words we will be provide every thing that is required to climb Mount kilimanjaro.

5) The routes up kilimanjaro

There are six ascent trails leading up to the foot of kobo peak. We have choosen 2 peaks that are easier to ascend. For Descending, in an attempt to control the number of people walking on each trail, and thus the limit the amount of soil erosion on some of the more popular routes and there are regulations regarding descending routes and which ones you are allowed to take.

6) Inoculations

It is compulsory to have yellow fever vacination to enter Tanzania. Other recommended inoculations for kilimanjaro include Typhiod, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Meningoccal Meningtitis and Rabies

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