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Ha Long Bay


  1. Complex of the Hue monuments is an UNESCO world heritage site since 1993

  2. Ha Long Bay is an UNESCO world Heritage site since 1994. It features 1000's of limestone Karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes

  3. Hoi, an ancient town is UNESCO world Heritage site since 1999

  4. Danang & Hue have been ranked by National Geographic as " 50 Places of a life time" to visit.

  5. To see the Ho Chi Minh complex, visiting his Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace and his old houses. The Mausoleum is where the body of the greatest president of Vietnam is kept in a glass coffin

  6. To see One Pillar Pagoda: Built in the 11th century as a memorial to the Goddess of Mercy. The whole pagoda stands on a column and it shapes like a lotus flower, erected from a little pond.

  7. To see the The Temple of Literature: the once biggest education center of Vietnam and also the most beautiful temple in the country dedicated to Confucius- the founder of Confucianism

  8. To visit the Museum of Ethnology: Biggest one in town displaying exhibits and lives of 54 groups of people living in Vietnam. The place has an exotic collection of traditional houses of peoples in Vietnam.

  9. To see the Phong Nha -Ke Bang National Park. It protects one of the world's two largest karst regions with several hundred caves and grottoes

  10. To see the Fansipan mountains. At 3143 m it is the highest mountain in Indo China. It is dubbed as " Roof of Indo China and has about 2,024 floral varieties and 327 faunal species.


  • Chu Chi tunnels are more than 250 kms in length.

  • The famous James Bond movie “ Tomorrow never Dies” was shot in Ha long Bay

  • Watch the water puppet show. It is unique and originated in Vietnam.

  • Did you know? That there are no crocodiles found in Vietnam

  • Vietnam is the 2nd largest exporter of Rice in the world

  • In Hoi An you can even have a pair of shoes made in 3 hours

  • The flag of Vietnam has a red background with a yellow star at the centre of the flag. The yellow color represents the ethnicity of Vietnamese people. The star has five points, they represent the workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and merchants.

  • Railways is the most popular form of transport in Vietnam

  • Hung Vyong was the first ruler of Vietnam according to Mythology

  • A coconut milk dessert is wonderful for soothing the palate after a spicy Vietnamese meal.

  • The best selling beer in Vietnam is ‘33’


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Water Puppet Show

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