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  1. Itchan Kala the inner town of the old Khiva is inscribed in UNESCO in 1990

  2. Tashkent Khast Imam Mosque contains the Uthman Quran considered to be the oldest extant Quran in the world dating from 655

  3. Museums, Mausoleums & Bazaars are architectural marvels in this mysterious land locked country

  4. Samarkand: The entire historic centre of Samarkand is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2001

  5. Samarkand & Bukhara are featured in the popular BBC serial “ Around the world in 80 treasures as a must see destinations of a lifetime

  6. Samarkand: It is one of the oldest inhabited cites in the world ( 2750 years)

  7. Samarkand: Registan is one of the most awesome sights in Central Asia

  8. Bukhara: The entire ancient and historic centre is inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993

  9. Bukhara: About 140 protected buildings spanning a thousand years of history

  10. Samarkand: The Mausoleum of Gur E Amir ( Timur) is an important place in the history of Islamic Architecture as the precursor and the model for Humyan’s Tomb in New Delhi and Taj Mahal, Agra

  11. Bukhara: Visiting the oldest Hammam (Turkish Bath) in the world and it is continuously used since over 1000 years is an experience by itself


  • In Sanskrit Bukhara means Monastery

  • “Everything I have heard about Marakanda ( old name for Samarkand) is true except that its more beautiful than I had imagined”- Alexander the Great, 329 BC

  • The final lines of James Elroy Flecker’s 1913 poem “ The Golden Journey of Samarkand” evoke the romance of Uzbekistan’s most glorious city

  • Did you know that Bollywood movies are a major hit and provide great entertainment values to Uzbeks. Favorite actors are Hrithik Roshan, Aiswarya Rai, Priety Zinta

  • It is hardly surprising to note that Uzbek custom is quite similar to Indian customs and many words in the Hindi language and originally Uzbek words viz Chaikhana, Roomal, lekhin, Mohalla and plenty more.

  • Indian food Pulao and Samosa originated from Uzbekistan they are called plov and samsa

  • The Tomb of Old Testament Prophet Daniel is bought here by Timur and legend has it that Daniel’s body grew by half and inch a year and thus the sarcophagus has to be enlarged

  • In Bukhara’s old town are the jewish quarter where there is a jewish community centre and jewish synagogue. Jews are just 1% of the Bukhara’s population

  • The largest gold coin ever minted in Antiquity was originally found in Bukhara weighing 169.20 grams and has a diameter of 58 mm

  • The gates of Tashkent were built in the 10th century but did not survive today but some districts still bears the names of these gates

  • Shahir- i-Zindah in Samarkand consists of 11 mausoleums built around the 14th century, In it is the grave of Qusam ibn Abbas the cousin of Prophet Mohammed who is said to have bought Islam to this area


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The Mausoleum of Gur E Amir ( Timur)

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