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Syria's Mediterranean coast.

Iorn Age Temple

Qalaat Samaan

Crusader architecture

National Museums in Aleppo

  1. Syria is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and still relatively undiscovered by mass tourism. Landscape ranges from forests in the northwest to beaches on Syria's Mediterranean coast.

  2. Syria is often called "The cradle of civilizations" because there is no civilization in the east or west throughout the world history that didn't pass through Syria to leave a mark, but also to be deeply affected by Syria's long history.
    At times, it seems impossible to walk 500 yards in Syria without tripping over the remnants of one of the many ancient civilisations to have held sway in Syria. The country probably has one of the highest concentrations of historic monuments in the world and this is one of the major draws for most people.

  3. In northern Syria, not too far north of the little pocket where the last communities of Aramaic speakers live, lie Syria’s mysterious Dead Cities, “780 abandoned settlements dating back to between the fifth and eighth centuries.”
    There are also remnants of an Iron Age temple from around 1200 BC.

  4. Damascus claims to be the longest continually inhabited place on earth, and this sense of history pervades the city. Aleppo is almost as ancient, dominated by her brooding Mamluke citadel, whilst further down the Euphrates Valley, Mari is one of only a handful of extant Mesopotamian cities.
    Traders peddle their wares against a backdrop that would be instantly recognisable to their ancestors from past centuries. Visitors returning from Syria always talk about the people, invariably friendly, always ready with a smile and unwaveringly hospitable.

  5. Visit Qalaat Samaan were St Simeon sat on his 15 meter tall pillar for 36 years and preached to thousands of pilgrims that cam to visit this most holy man in the early middle ages.

  6. It was here the first alphabets were invented that Greek and Roman culture helped to conquer over the world. It was here that civilization began over ten thousand years ago at Mereibet, Jeyround and Yabroud.

  7. As you'd expect of a country on so many major trade and pilgrimage routes, the years of conquest and counter-conquest have left a rich tapestry of fortifications across the country. Crusader architecture in particular reached its zenith here and there are some superb examples to explore.

  8. The National Museums in Aleppo and Damascus should definitely feature in your plans. Not only are they home to many fantastic artefacts from across the country, but they also help put the whole of your visit to Syria into its historical context.

  9. Syria's souqs are probably the most rewarding in the region, selling goods almost exclusively for the locals, manufactured in Syria, rather than cheap foreign imports. The atmosphere is always exotic and unthreatening, making shopping a real pleasure.

  10. Syrian food is strongly Arab, with Lebanese influence dominating as well as one or two traditional local dishes. The most common form of meal starts with mezze (mixed starters) followed by hot, meat-based dishes, all accompanied by lots of delicious, fresh-baked flat bread. Those with a sweet tooth are in for a treat in Syria. Desserts normally consist of a variety of pastries, biscuits, and shredded wheat-like concoctions, all soaked in syrup and honey.

  11. See the amphitheatre at Bosra - The amphitheatre at Bosra is one of a handful that can claim to be the most impressive from the Roman world. The extensive surrounding city is also worthy of note.


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Syria has lots to offer, here is a quiz on ancient Iran one of the most fascinating civilizations in history

The National Museums in Damascus


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