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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


  • The frecoes at Sigiriya is similar to the paintings in Ajanta, India

  • Sigiriya is used as the location of many of the events in the science-fiction novel The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke

  • The famous hollywood block busters "Bridge on the River Kwai" and "Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom" were shot in Srilanka

  • Srilanka is the largest exporter of Tea in the world. Coffee was the main cash crop but in the 1870's was destroyed by leaf blight.

  • Srilanka was formally called Taprobane by Romans, Serendib by muslim traders, Ceilao by the portugese. The Dutch altered the name to Ceylan and the British to Ceylon

  • Together with Malaysia, Srilanka provides 70% of the world's rubber production

  • The sacred Bodhi Tree is located in Anuradhapura

  • The legislative capital of Srilanka is Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte

  • Dav Whatmore the former Australian cricketer who coached Srilanka to the 1996 world cup win was born in Srilanka

  • The size of Srilanka is closest to Ireland

  • Srilanka achieved its independence in 1948- A big year Gandhi began his final fast; Israel was formed; Republic of Ireland declared; Japanese premier Tojo sentenced to death for war crimes; World Health Organisation and other events
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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka began playing Test cricket in 1982, and have produced some remarkable players and performances. See what you know about them.


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