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  1. Poland boasts a friendly population of hospitable people that are welcoming and genuine, giving travellers a unique look into the culture of this natural beauty.

  2. Poland is a tourist hot spot with over a million travelers flocking to their lush forests, beautiful seascapes, and modern metropolis.

  3. The museums, palaces and art scenes of the historic country are among some of the most amazing in the world with world class exhibits and these are operating year round.

  4. If winter sports are your cup of joy then Poland provides you with the scenic Tatras range or the Carpathians which contain some of the most amazing skiing conditions available.

  5. During the summer hiking, biking, backpacking, and camping are king with many lakes, forests, and mountains to entertain the most experienced outdoorsman.

  6. For those with a more urban liking, the modern cities of Warsaw and Cracow offer world touring concerts, music gigs of all genres and a vibrant night life.

  7. The Polish people are devoutly religious and there are numerous cathedrals scattered across the nation such as the Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen and the Eastern Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in Warsaw with its beautiful gothic architecture and rich history.

  8. Poland has been a melting pot of sorts melding eastern and western culture and through history this fact has developed Poland into an advante garde of the arts, sciences, and mathematics producing masters of astronomy Nicolaus Copernicus, and the master composer Frederick Chopin. Poets and writers Jan Kochanowski, Adam Mickiewicz, Boleslaw Prus, Juliusz Slowacki, Witold Gombrowicz, Stanislaw Lem and, Ryszard Kapuscinski all were from Poland.

  9. Poland also boasts a cuisine that has been influenced by surrounding countries and occupations and is truly original of the region. Poles allow themselves a generous amount of time to prepare and enjoy their hearty meals

  10. Poland is the perfect European adventure for a wide variety of interests and likings and should be explored to be truly appreciated; you are assured there is something on for everyone.

  11. Poland is also a shopper’s paradise. Polish jewellery made of silver and amber, hand-made table cloths, crystals, china, ceramic, Christmas tree decorations, Easter eggs, ginger cookies from Toru, and vodkas with herbal extracts, such as Zubrówska and Goldwasser are well known.


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Poland has got an abundance of natural, cultural and historic beauty on offer. Take this quiz to see how much you actually know about this Central-Eastern European nation!

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