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  1. The Baroque Churches of Philippines is an UNESCO world heritage site since 1993
  2. Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is an UNESCO world heritage site since 1993
  3. Rice terraces of Philippines are an UNESCO world heritage site since 1995
  4. Historic town on Vigan is an UNESCO world heritage site since 1999
  5. Puerto-Princesa subterranean River National Park is a world heritage site since 1999
  6. To see the Chocolate Hills an usual geographical formation and is composed of 1268 perfectly cone shaped hills all about the same size
  7. Shopping is extremely cheap, Philippines has the 3 of the 10 biggest malls in the world
  8. The Philippines is home to very unique group of animals such as the world's smallest monkey, the largest and smallest species of bats, 5 of the world's 7 species of marine turtles, the monkey-eating eagle, the world's smallest hoofed animal, the pygmy water buffalo and flying lemurs.
  9. To see the hanging coffins: They're precious tokens from a fabled past... adding mystic to an already mystifying place.
  10. To see the Banaue rice terraces: are 2000-year old terraces that were carved into the mountains and are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the "Eighth Wonder of the World
  11. To see the Mount Mayon: the only active volcano which has a symmetric cone and is also called the Pacific rings of fire


  • Pithecophaga jefferyi (monkey-eating eagle) is the national bird of Philippines since 1995

  • "Sinarapan" the world's smallest commercial fish is found in Philippines

  • Baguio City is the summer capital of Philippines

  • Philippines composed of 7107 islands

  • Philippines is the country that introduced Karoke to the world

  • Filipinos are a friendly people and are known for their oftentimes excessive hospitality. Attend a public wedding celebration in the Cordilleras, or walk through a town celebrating a fiesta in the Tagalog region and you'll certain to be invited to a meal.

  • The Philippines is regarded the "text capital of the world". About 350 to 400 million SMS (Short Message Service) or text messages are sent daily by 35 million cell phone subscribers in the country, which is more than the total daily text messages sent in the U.S. and Europe, together.

  • Philippines is the world's third largest English speaking nation after the U.S and the U.K

  • The "Conus Gloriamaris", which the rarest and most expensive seashell in the world, is one of the 12,000 species of seashells found in the Philippines. And about 488 coral species, out of the 500 coral species known worldwide, are found in the archipelago.

  • Agapito Flores was the famous Filipino scientist who discovered the fluorescent lamp that we use today

  • Philippines is also known as "Pearl of the Orient"


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Here are 10 not so easy questions on one of the most beautiful countries in the world


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