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Official Language:
Filipino and English

Time Zone:
+ 8 hours UTC/GMT
2½ hour ahead of India

Philippine Peso

Tip: It

Telephone codes: Country code +63 City Codes Manila: 2

Religion: 81% of the population Roman Catholicism

Visa process: A

Electricity: 220V/ 50Hz


  1. Watch cock fighting in Philippines a very popular sports game. And it is more for gambling, instead of fun.

  2. Go to Lake Taal near Manila. Lying in Lake Taal is Volcano Island which itself contains a crater lake. You can swim inside the Crater Lake

  3. Go up to Antipolo (East of Manila) and see a great birds-eye view of Manila

  4. Corregidor island is now a popular site for a day trip with many boats and tours leaving from the harbour in Manila, It is interesting to look around the old gun emplacments and buildings. During the 2nd world war there were 15,000 American and Filipino troops, consisting of anti-aircraft and coastal defences and the Battle for Corregidor was the culmination of the Japanese campaign for the conquest of the Philippines

  5. Visit the Temple of the God of War, Kuang Kong in China Town. You can light incense sticks and put them in the urn at the entrance of the temple and utter your prayers. There is also these red wooden half moons you can use to have your fortunes told


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Sajid Syed

"I wanted to thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip for us to Uzbekistan. It was an uneventful trip and everything was arranged as planned. The hotels were great, the car arrangements were comfortable and the guides and drivers were very courteous and friendly. I especially wanted to thank you personally for taking the extra steps to ensure our trip was comfortable and calling us regularly to make sure that everything was taken care of. This was indeed a memorable trip and I shall always remember back on this time with fond memories."


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