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Fox and Franz Joseph glacier

Milford Sound


  1. New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world. From bungee jumping to sky diving to white water rafting, most people come visit New Zealand and blow their budget on a wide range of activities that excite as much as drain your wallet. There are a million activities and if you are unlike me and love adrenaline pumping activities, New Zealand is your dream destination.
  2. There aren’t many opportunities to hike glaciers in the world and trekking up to the Fox and Franz Joseph glacier is something that just about every traveler should do. While the glaciers are heavily touristed, the experience lives up to the hype.
  3. Considered the best day hike in all of New Zealand, the Tongariro crossing takes you where they filmed Mordor from Lord of the Rings. The 19.4 km walk is easy at parts and steep at others, especially after “Mount Doom.” But despite the sore legs you will have after, walking through this space like environment of volcanoes
  4. Maori culture is a fascinating and an important part of New Zealand life and history. People love learning about their history, culture, and situation. Maoris are friendly and proud people.
  5. The architecture and eclectic vibe give Wellington a great personality that should not be missed. There’s a great nightlife, a concentrated center, and a beautiful harbour among many other things.
  6. The Waitomo glow worm cave is hyped and touristy but amazing as you walk or abseil down into darkness and float down the river staring up at caverns covered in “lights.” A truly wonderful experience.
  7. Queenstown looks more like a mountain town in Canada than a town in New Zealand. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, has an amazing lake, and tiny little pedestrian streets. There is such a great vibe and energy in this city.
  8. Half the visual pleasure of Milford Sound is the journey there; winding roads plunge into dense, moss-plastered woodland, snake along gaping drops and pass waterfalls crashing to the floor from way up somewhere. The boat trip edges you out onto the Sound’s water, home to dolphins and New Zealand fur seals, looking like an ant by the immense Mitre Peak. Onwards to the open sea, passing all sorts of waterfalls; some twist in the air, others thunder from impossible heights.
  9. Explore the scenic Kaikoura. Kaikoura is a hot spot for whales, dolphins and seals. Take a boat cruise to watch whales – sperm, humpback and more – call in year round.
  10. Rotorua is a great place to swot up on Maori culture, geothermal wonder and adrenalin thrills. Don’t miss seeing a hakka and try to chow down on a hangi while you’re there.
  11. Get a bit of slap and tipple from the many, very tasty wine regions!


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New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of many mountains, lakes, stunning coastlines and a rich history. It is 100% pure you and never leaves you. Take this quiz to see how much exactly you know about this country in the southern Hemisphere.

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