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Ger tent in Mongolia

Orkhon Valley

Ride on two humped Bactrian Camel in the Gobi Desert

  1. To experience the authentic nomadic culture and understand their ways of life
  2. To enjoy the country's "Eternal Blue Sky" and breath-taking sceneries of rolling steppe (grasslands), high glacial mountains, impenetrable forests, roaring free-running rivers, deep crystal clear lakes and the Gobi Desert
  3. To understand and know more about the fascinating history of Chenghis Khan and other great Mongol Emperors.
  4. To experience the pleasures of staying in a ger (yurt/tent) in the desert.
  5. To take advantage of great hiking opportunities and also observe a wide variety of flora and fauna
  6. To look around for dinosaur fossils lying in the desert and to collect them as souvenirs
  7. To indulge in the beauties of the Uvs Nuur Basin and the Orkhon Valley cultural landscape which are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  8. To enjoy a lovely ride on the two humped Bactrian Camel in the Gobi Desert.
  9. To immerse oneself in the 13th, 14th and 15th century ruins and history of Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire that was one of the strongest in the world at the time.
  10. To get away from the noise, disturbances and hustle-bustle of city and urban life
  11. To shop till you drop for genuine Mongolian cashmere, artefacts, camel hair, waistcoats, jackets and other Mongolian specialities  


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Sushma Rajkumar

"What I could never forget was the warmness of Staff from 365 tours. After this trip with my husband and children, I realized one thing. This tour company is purely a passion driven one. Because the detailing about the place they given me was so fantastic. And each point they mentioned was correct also. Wonderful…Keep it up 365!"


This quiz is on Mongolia and its culture, Which is the largest ethnic group in Mongolia

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