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Mongol Rally

Bactrian camel

  • A 131-foot statue of Genghis Khan sits on the steppe about an hour’s drive from Ulanbaataar. He sits on the worlds' tallest statue of a horse.

  • Mongolia has the oldest National Park in the world. Lying just South of Ulan Bator the Bogd Khan National Park dates its origin to 1778

  • Some people drive eighteen thousand kilometers in a car to get to Mongolia—it is called the Mongol Rally. The rally finishes at a pub with a nice cool beer waiting!

  • You could fit the Netherlands into Mongolia 37 times!

  • Many dinosaur fossils still lie exposed in the Gobi desert. Tourists usually pick them up as souvenirs.

  • In Mongolian the verb comes at the end of a sentence--so you have to wait till the end to know whether they love or hate you!

  • In the seventeenth Century, the Manchu dynasty divided Mongolia into Inner and Outer Mongolia

  • The two-humped Bactrian camel comes from Mongolia and survives temperatures from minus to plus fifty degrees Celsius.



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"What I could never forget was the warmness of Staff from 365 tours. After this trip with my husband and children, I realized one thing. This tour company is purely a passion driven one. Because the detailing about the place they given me was so fantastic. And each point they mentioned was correct also. Wonderful…Keep it up 365!"


This quiz is on Mongolia and its culture, Which is the largest ethnic group in Mongolia

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