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Keanu Reeves

Cable car service

  • Beirut is the birthplace of famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves.

  • The Phoenicians (ancient Lebanese) were the first to devise an alphabet script in 1100 BC

  • Lebanon is the only country in the middle-East that does not have a desert.

  • The Phoenician sailors were the first to explore the coasts of West Africa and Britain in 1000 BC.

  • Lebanon boasts of being the country with the most published books per capita. Also, the first law school in the world is believed to have been built in the country.

  • After French, English is the most commonly spoken language in Lebanon

  • Lebanon is a land of fifteen rivers and what makes it even more unique is that ALL fifteen rivers flow down from the mountains

  • The Mediterranean Sea lays claim to being the lowest point (0m) in the country of Lebanon. However, the distinction of the highest point goes to ‘Qurnat as Sawda'. The peak stands tall at a towering height of 3, 088m.

  • There is a cable car service operating at Jounieh which takes passengers up the mountain to the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa. Above Jounieh, and on the way to Harissa, a small hill named Bkerke overlooks the Jounieh bay offering stunning views of the Lebanon coast and the Mediterrannean Sea.

  • There are around 3.5 Million Lebanese in Lebanon. However, there are over 10 million Lebanese outside of Lebanon!



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A land of golden beaches and stunning mountain landscapes, Lebanon stands tall on the eastern shores of the Mediterrannean. Not to mention a perfect blend of history with the Romans and the Ottomans meaning a number of ancient and archaeological sites for you to explore. Take this quiz on this magnificent nation and see how much you know!

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