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Quseir Amra

Dead Sea

  1. To visit Petra or the rose city, one of the New 7 wonders of the world & also an UNESCO world heritage site (1985)

  2. Quseir Amra an UNESCO world heritage site ( 1985) built in the 8th century well preserved desert castle

  3. Umer er Rasas an UNESCO world heritage site ( 2004) a 5th century town which contains the remains from the Roman, Byzantine & early muslim periods

  4. To spend a day to float in the Dead Sea the lowest point on earth and most saline sea

  5. Ancient city of Jerash- one of the largest roman ruins in the middle east

  6. Kerak- site of once mighty crusader castle

  7. Madaba- known for its mosaic map of Jerusalem

  8. Must see Wadi Rum for its barren, isolated and beautiful granite cliffs contrasting with desert sand

  9. To stay in Dana Nature Reserve- a village little has changed since the 15th century

  10. To spend half a day in Ajloun, noted for its impressive ruins of the 12th century castle

  11. To visit the ancient town of Aqaba with links to Sinai and the Red Sea


  • The famous movies Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones and the Last crusade were shot in Jordan

  • Over 7,000,000 tons of water evaporate from Dead Sea and it is sinking by about 39 inches every year

  • Capital Amman has some very interesting Roman, Byzantine sites to visit

  • Salt the ancient town was once the capital of Jordan

  • Jerash also referred to as Antioch on the Golden River

  • One of the most breathtaking views in Jordan is from Mt Nebo located just 10 minutes east of Madaba

  • Over 6% of Jordan population are Christians and there are no less than 6 Greek Orthodox churches in Amman alone

  • An Interesting area to walk around is the Rainbow street, named after the old Rainbow cinema which is not in use today

  • Amman has a numerous antique dealers so it might be interesting to buy some genuine antiques

  • The remains of a mud brick building in Aqaba may be the worlds oldest known purpose built church. This Aqaba early church dates from the late 3rd or early 4th century AD

  • Touring Wadi Rum in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience


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Petra. One of the New 7 wonders of the world. This quiz is about this wonderful place


Mt Nebo

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