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Theme Parks




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Theme Parks

Being blessed with beautiful warm weather all year-round, Malaysia is the perfect place to enjoy theme parks and water parks. In the past few years, several exciting new theme parks have sprouted up all over Peninsula Malaysia. Many of these theme parks provide great fun for the whole family, sometimes offering a resort or shopping mall nearby.

Lost World of Tambun, Cosmo’s World Theme Park, Desa Water Park, Kuala Lumpur - are just some of the many theme parks in Malaysia. For a fun-filled time for the whole family, the time is now, the place is Malaysia.


Malaysia is fast becoming one of the leading dive destinations of the world with one of the richest marine environments in the Indo-Pacific Basin. The incredible bio-diversity of marine life, coupled with beautiful islands, white sandy beaches and clear warm waters, keeps divers coming back time and time again.

Top dive sites around Malaysia include diverse underwater geography such as sloping reefs, coral blocks, wall dives, deep dives, drift dives and wreck dives. A dip below the warm sea’s surface guarantees you an astounding experience, with a concentration of vibrant and exotic marine life rarely rivalled anywhere else in the world.

From schooling Hammerhead Sharks, to huge schools of barracudas and various species of turtles, to the bizarre Frogfish and Ghost Pipefish, there is always something fascinating awaiting you. It's no exaggeration to say that almost every time a marine bio-diversity survey is conducted in Malaysia’s tropical seas, the species list increases!


Malaysia has an incredible number of almost 200 golf courses for a country with a total land area of only 330,000 sq.km. Blessed with a diverse landscape, there is the opportunity to build golf courses in the cool highlands, by the beach, nestled in the lush jungle or surrounded by gleaming skyscrapers.

Much thought and care has been taken in providing world-class conveniences, great scenery and surrounding holiday attractions for a well-rounded holiday. Most of these courses are built as part of 5-star resorts and luxury clubs for the pleasure of the discerning golfers.

These beautiful courses are designed by pros and offer the latest in luxury amenities. Many of these international-class courses have been designed by the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent-Jones, Max Wexler, Ted Parslow and other golfing greats.


From muddy mangroves to misty mountain ranges, Malaysia’s diverse tropical landscape teems with hundreds of resident bird species. The country’s location on the Australasian cross-migratory paths also makes it a host to 120 or so migratory birds. With over 600 species to be seen in the Peninsula and about 580 species in Malaysian Borneo, all at easily accessible parks and reserves, it is no wonder Malaysia has emerged as a bird watching haven.

Cave Exploration

Malaysia is blessed with a vast numbers of caves, including some of the largest and longest in the world. These caves are nestled within rich rainforests and mangroves, providing sanctuary to amazing wildlife.

Most caves in Malaysia are equipped with marked paths and platforms, however some are only accessible by boat or require visitors to rough it out and crawl on all fours. There was and is life revolving around caves in Malaysia; some are famous archeological sites where artifacts date back 40,000 years, while others contain ancient rock paintings, which are still visible to this day.

Sailing & Cruises

There are a growing number of marinas and yacht clubs throughout Malaysia where it's possible to tighten the mainsail, tug on a halyard, hoist a spinnaker and let the tropical breezes take you to new and exciting destinations.

Malaysia is situated between one and seven degrees north of the Equator, enjoying mostly balmy, year-round weather. The wet northeast monsoon blows from November to March, along the East Coast of the peninsula as well as Sarawak and Sabah.

Even during this period, there are periods of fine weather and smooth seas. The southwest monsoon blows from April to October. Generally, westbound yachters travel during the northeast monsoon and those travelling east, during the southwest.


The concern for, and maintenance of, health and wellness has been very much a part of Eastern culture since time immemorial. This has allowed the practice to develop into something of a fine art, and in Malaysia, influences from various ancient therapies have been infused into modern spa therapies. Spa and wellness programmes in Malaysia that combine traditional methods alongside modern ones in a designer ambience can offer you a delightful experience.

Malaysia, being a multi-cultural country, has at its disposal a huge range of traditional spa treatments handed down from generation to generation. Age-old Javanese beauty and wellness regimens, ancient Ayurvedic treatments from India, reflexology, accupressure and Shiatsu practices founded in China, among others, have a deep understanding of the human body, dispensing herbal recipes for baths, massage oils and scrubs.

Today, these curative and relaxing treatments are available at spas designed to create peace and tranquility within the soul of the visitor. Set against a lush tropical backdrop, and presented with nutritious and detoxifying fresh food and herbal drinks, most of these luxury spas are also equipped with jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools and double baths. Malaysia has recently seen an influx of designer spas in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, but most spas are tucked away in resorts, nestled in lush rainforests or overlooking the lapping sea shore.


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Malaysia is truly Asia. It is a very unique country with a long history. This is a quiz testing you all about Malaysia. Good Luck!

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