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Roman Aqueducts

  1. Belbeis: is a small town which lies 45kms north of Cairo. According to a local legend, when the holy family entered the city a funeral procession was leaving accompanying the dead son of a widow. Jesus felt a great compassion for the poor widow & raised the dead man

  2. Mostorod the place of miracles is 10 kms from Cairo is also known as “ Al Mahamma” which means the “bathing place” because Virgin Mary bathed the Christ child and washed his clothes

  3. Al Fayoum Oasis is the largest oasis in Egypt which is about 100 kms from Cairo. In this oasis there are still 200 water wheels of this kind

  4. A day trip to Saqqara which has the oldest pyramid besides excellent tombs still covered in sand which makes it a very mysterious place

  5. Look out in Cairo for Roman Aqueducts which runs through a small portion in eastern Cairo. To walk along the length of these ruins reminds you varied past of this city


Official Language:
Arabic, English is spoken at tourist circles

Time Zone:
+ 2 hours GMT, 3 hours behind India

Egyptian pound

Telephone codes: Country 20, Cairo 2

Religion: Islam

Visa process: Prior visa required, Single Entry visa

Electricity: 220V/ 50Hz


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Egypt has lots to offer than just Pyramids, here is a quiz on ancient Egypt one of the most fascinating civilizations in history

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