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Tea Estate Borobudur

  1. Borobudur is the largest non-monastic Buddhist temple in the world built in the 8th century AD with over 2 million blocks of stone.

  2. Borobudur & Prambanan temple compounds have been inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage sites in 1991.

  3. It has been ranked as the 34th wonder among Hillman’s 100 world wonders.

  4. Borobudur was featured in the popular BBC serial “Around the world in 80 treasures and is ranked as one of the must visit destination.

  5. Borobudur stupa is not only the highest symbol of Buddhism but is also a replica of the universe; It symbolizes the micro-cosmos which is divided into three levels, the first level in which man’s world of desire is influenced by negative impulses, the middle level, a world in which man has control over his negative impulses and uses his positive impulses, the highest level, in which the world of man is no longer bound by physical and worldly desire.

  6. Prambanan temple is the largest Hindu temple compound dedicated to Shiva in Indonesia.

  7. The 5 km walk within the massive structure of Borobudur has no less than 1212 decorative panels, 1212 decorative murals, 432 reliefs of Buddha plus the 72 Buddha statues.

  8. The Prambanan temple is a symbol of cosmic harmony. The temple is designed in such a way that every human being feels united with all the creatures and the Creator.

  9. Mendut Temple is believed to be older than the Borobudur temple. There are stories for children on its walls , better known as “Jataka Tales”.

  10. Solo is the textile and antique shopping capital. The origin of Batik textile is from Solo.

  11. Sukuh Temple is probably the only temple in Asia which is Mayan in architecture.


  • The name “Borobudur” is believed to be derived from the Sanskrit words “Vihara Buddha Uhr” (Buddhist Monastary on the Hill).

  • Mendut temple is believed to face Benares, India where Lord Gautama Buddha taught his first five disciples.

  • Borobudur is composed of 55000 meters of a lava rock, erected on a hill in the form of a stepped pyramid of 6 rectangular storeys, three circular terraces and a central stupa forming the summit. The whole structure is in the form of a lotus, the sacred flower of Buddha.

  • In the top most storey of the 72 stupas with a statue of Buddha inside, touching the middle finger of the Buddha sitting in the bell shaped stupa is believed to fulfill your wishes.

  • The lack of geometric end points at the upper circular terraces of Borobudur temple conveys the idea that Enlightment has neither a fixed beginning or end. The pinnacle of nirvana is represented by the stupa at the summit. It stands empty to denote final freedom.

  • In total, Borobudur represents the ten levels of a Bodhisattva's life which he or she must develop to become a Buddha or an awakened one.

  • It is a devotional practice to circumbulate around the galleries and terraces always turning to the left and keeping the edifice to the right while chanting or meditating.

  • Mendut temple and the Pawon temple form an integral part of the Borobudur complex.

  • At the Prambanan temple the central courtyard of this Hindu religious foundation features three tall shrines dedicated to Brahma (south), Shiva (centre) and Vishnu (north), respectively.

  • At Prambanan temple, the narrative reliefs portray episodes from two of Lord Vishnu's incarnations in human form. The bas-reliefs pertaining to the Hindu deity Vishnu's incarnation as Lord Krishna appear on the interior-facing walls of the balustrade that surrounds the Vishnu. shrine, while episodes from Vishnu's incarnation as Rama encircle the main shrines at Prambanan that are dedicated to Shiva and Brahma.

  • Borobudur is the 2nd most visited tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali.


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If you ever get a chance go to Borobudur & Prambanan temple, they are two of unknown wonders of the world. See how much you know about this largest Buddhist complex in the world and the largest hindu temple in Indonesia.

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