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  • It was one of 21 finalists for the New 7 wonders of the world

  • It is the largest and most celebrated temple in the largest temple complex in the world

  • It is inscribed as the UNESCO world’s heritage site since 1992

  • Ranked by National Geographic as among the top 10 world wonders and “50 places of a Life time”

  • It is ranked 13th among Hillman top 100 manmade & natural wonders

  • The most stunning example of Hindu architecture in the world is to be seen in Cambodia and not in India

  • Estimated over 200 Hindu temples in an area of 100 square miles, the largest concentration outside India

  • It is a supreme human achievement showing an advanced appreciation of mass, space & geometrical composition

  • Sunrise or Sunset from the top of Angkor Wat has to be one of the most extraordinary experiences any traveler could possibly have

  • Supreme masterpiece of Khmer architecture and the moat circumferencing the temple itself an engineering marvel

  • Popular BBC TV serial “ Around the World in 80 treasures” ranks Angkor Wat as one of its top Treasures



  • Angkor Wat occupies a space in the Cambodian National flag

  • Unlike all the temples which faces east, Angkor Wat faces west (the after life in Hinduism)

  • Hollywood Blockbusters; Tomb Raider, Lord Jim, were shot in Angkor Wat

  • Angkor Wat means “City Temple” Angkor is the vernacular form of the word nokor which comes from the Sanskrit word nagara (capital) while wat is the khmer word for temple

  • The organization which preserves and maintains Angkor Wat is called Apsara

  • Mount Meru is the name of the mountain that represents the 5 main towers of Angkor Wat

  • Complex & highly sophisticated irrigation system is the single thing that allowed Khmer lived so prosperously at Angkor Wat, This system allowed 2 rice harvests a year instead of one

  • The whole site was modeled after the Hindu vision of the universe

  • The number of steps, windows and pillars in Angkor Wat are representative of the number of days in the solar & lunar calendars

  • When the Frenchman Henry Mouhot discovered the temple in 1860 after it was abanded for a few centuries, the natives thought it could have been built by Gods or even Giants

  • The official Language of Cambodia, Khmer is considerably influenzed by Sanskrit and Pali (ancient Indian Language)


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Angkor Wat

Hailed as one of the supreme architectural triumphs of all time, Angkor Wat is one of the greatest religious monuments of all time. See how much you know about this fascinating complex

Sun Rise at Angkor Wat

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