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Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Optional Tours will attract extra charge & subject to availability

1) Hot Air Baloon across Angkor

It is now possible to sail above Angkor Wat in a hot air balloon, a must for all visitors wanting the ultimate aerial shot of the world's largest religious building. The balloon is one of the largest in Asia, capable of taking up to 30 people in its basket and offers stunning panoramic views over Angkor Wat and the mountain temple of Phnom Bakheng

2) Artisians D Angkor

Siem Reap is at the epicentre of a drive to revitalise Cambodian traditional culture. Les Chantiers Écoles is a school specializing in teaching traditional crafts to impoverished youngsters. Artisan d'Angkor is the school's beautiful shop, selling everything from elegant stone and wood statues to household furniture. Profits go back into funding the school

3) Land Mine Museum

Set up by local de-miner Aki Ra, the Land Mine Museum is very popular with travellers for its informative displays on the curse of land mines in Cambodia. The museum includes extensive details about the types of mines used during the civil war in Cambodia. It compares favourably with the new War Museum that has opened near the airport.

4) Seeing Hands Massage 4

Deserving of support is Seeing Hands Massage 4, training blind people in the art of massage. Some of the money raised assists blind people in Siem Reap Province. You may well need a massage if you have arrived after a long flight.


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Angkor Wat

Hailed as one of the supreme architectural triumphs of all time, Angkor Wat is one of the greatest religious monuments of all time. See how much you know about this fascinating complex

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