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Red Gates Square Building

Fabulous Bolshoi

  1. Explore the world’s largest country that contains an extraordinary range of fabulous scenery and natural beauty, much of it undiscovered by most of the world.

  2. Fabulous palaces and cathedrals created by the world's finest craftsmen with absolutely no expense spared can make you gasp with the sheer glamour and magnificence of the room.

  3. Explore over nine centuries of historical and political power through Moscow’s stupendous architecture.

  4. Wherever you find yourself in Moscow, be sure there is an alluring green patch not too far away. There are over 100 parks and gardens with attractions varying from medieval churches to funfair rides.

  5. A magical winter experience for those brave enough to face the cold; cities like Saint Petersburg are transformed into winter wonderlands. You can also take a sleigh ride across the snow.

  6. The ‘Palace of the People’ or Moscow’s subway system is still decorated with art glorifying the Soviet Union. The downtown stations contain priceless art in the form of marble archways, mosaics and concrete columns.

  7. To visit the Hermitage Museum that began as Catherine the Great’s private art collection. It is now home to thousands of works of art and fills the whole of the Winter Palace as well.

  8. St. Petersburg is often called Venice of the North, because of its beautiful rivers and canals.

  9. Moscow was a vital religious centre for over 400 years, and the city's religious architecture is some of the richest and most varied in the world.

  10. Witness the unusual ‘White Nights’ phenomenon if you visit in May through July where the whole city of Saint Petersburg is aglow in daylight throughout the night.

  11. This is the land of great love stories like Doctor Zhivago and Anna Karenina. Visit Russia and you will see the places that inspired these stories - and maybe see a ballet at the fabulous Bolshoi.

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Russiat has lots to offer, here is a quiz on ancient Russiat one of the most fascinating civilizations in history

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