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Novodevichy Convent

Moscow Subway Station

Moscow Circus

  • Take a stroll through the Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery, a convent cemetery for exiled Russian royal wives, ladies of noble birth and artistic, literary, musical and political figures. See the magnificent monuments constructed for important and loyal party members.

  • Called the “peoples palaces”, the Moscow subway stations feature ornate columns, statues, chandeliers, vaulted ceilings and other art work. Each station has a different theme so you may want to hop on and off frequently. The beautifully decorated subway stations must make the morning commute on the subway an artistically enjoyable experience for the locals.

  • Moscow has two world renowned circuses. Both are spectacular shows that will entertain and amuse spectators of any age. Combined with Russian folk musicians, dancers, and ornate costumes and backdrops, the show combines drama, cultural history, and, most of all, the excitement and entertainment that can only be created by some of the greatest circus performers on earth. If it's been a while since you've been to a circus (even if you don't have kids), treat yourself. You won't be disappointed.

  • For the first five years of its existence, the Obraztsov Puppet Theatre didn't have a permanent location. Performers worked intermittently at schools, clubs and children's camps. In 1970, a special building was built for the theater, which included an interesting clock with dancing dolls. The theatre has more than 300 people, who work to create special puppet plays that can be seen by children as well as adults. Also, there is a museum of more than 3000 theatre puppets from fifty countries of the world.

  • An absolute must visit during a Moscow weekend break is the lively Izmailovsky Flea Market. This bustling open air market runs on the weekends from 9am - 6pm and is an endless hub of entertainment.

  • Head to Café Pushkin on the Bulvar. The café, which is really a five-star restaurant, is open 24 hours a day and is situated in a building that was renovated to look exactly like a Russian aristocrat's home circa 1825. The staff speaks a beautiful, pre-Sovietized Russian (and English) and serves some of the best fare in town.

  • The Ethnographic Museum is an interesting and educational display of the traditions and costumes of various ethnic groups found in the lands of the former Russian Empire.


Official Language:

Time Zone:
Moscow: MSK/MSD (UTC +3/+4) | St Petersburg: MSK/MSD (UTC +3/+4)

Ruble (RUB)

Telephone codes: Country +7, Moscow 495 | St petersburg 812

Religion: Christianity

Visa process: Prior visa required, Single Entry visa

Electricity: 220V/ 50Hz

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Russiat has lots to offer, here is a quiz on ancient Russiat one of the most fascinating civilizations in history

Ethnographic Museum

Izmailovsky Flea Market

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