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Official Language:
Burmese, English is widely spoken at tourist circles. Hindi and Tamil are also sparingly spoken

Time Zone:
+ 6.30 hours GMT
1 hour ahead of India

Myanmar Kyat
1 Kyat= INR 6.60
1 USD= 6.45 Kyat

Tip: It is essential to carry US Dollars while you travel in Myanmar. Credit cards are rarely accepted or very sparingly accepted with high commission

Telephone codes: Country code + 95 City Codes Yangon: 01, Bagan: 02, Mandalay: 02

Religion: 89% of the population are Buddhists

Visa process: A valid visa is required to visit Myanmar. A single entry tourist visa is given

Electricity: 220V/ 50Hz

Tip: It is necessary to bring in multiple adapters for mobile phone / camera charging


  1. For an unparalled view of the Bagan plain take a hot air balloon ride at Sunrise

  2. Visit the Na Gar glas factory in Yangon. It is an interesting place to explore with a lots of hand blown glass on display

  3. Indulge in a traditional Myanmar massage. Guaranteed to soothe your senses

  4. Visit the archaelogical museum in Mandalay. It features many fine pieces from Bagan of reclining Budddhas and mural recreations

  5. Spend some time at the People Park which is a huge expanse of Grass and trees.


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Pratibha Manohar
New Delhi

"My trip to Myanmar with my elderly mom was an exciting example for truly customized tour. The service from 365 Tours staff was incredible. They take special interest in arranging accommodation near to the monument and wheelchair to my mom. I could feel their invisible care everywhere and realize that such a passionate team is functioning behind the travel packages. Kudos to 365 Tours!"


This quiz is all about Geography & History of Myanmar. Have Fun

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